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An angel recovered your Mind, Body & Soul

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                         -- About Chi heals sexuality
    "Mind, Body, and Soul" are the oldest cultures in modern style and living. Chinese culture has a profound and long history. There were a great number of books written and researched on "spiritual body" in the past. A large number of practitioners are still working hard and exploring in the area today.
There is an abundance of power stored up in human bodies, thoughts, and souls. In this belief, almost everyone in reality has problems in this area. Many physicians are working to understand and remedy this. But it is a complicated field, including Qigong (Chi), psychology, Para psychics, nutrition, and sexology and so on. Let us approach June Kwok, a leader in this field, and discover the secrets of "Mind, Body, and soul.
    Different Definition About Mind, Body and Soul


    June Kwok immigrated to Canada with her family at an early age. As her parents were busy most of the time, they had no time to take care of her. Meanwhile, she found that traditional schooling and education did nothing to shape her Mind, Body, and Soul. No one cared about her inner world. This made it hard for her to do anything in society, especially in her job and marriage. She always felt tired and thought she had lost her way of life and future. Eventually, she turned to religion for answers. Without hesitation, she enrolled in Chinese martial arts "Tantric Buddhism" in search of her lost self, life and bright future. Unfortunately, she did not find what she was looking for here and wasted a great deal of time and money. She finally decided to leave and travel to find what she was looking for.
    In order to seek truth and life in the future, June Kwok went to all the major Buddhist temples, visited famous masters of different factions, and explored the truth of life and universe. She was looking for the rainbow after the storm. Eventually she found it. She met an approachable master by chance who later became her teacher.
    The theory of religion of June kook'
s master is extremely delicate. June Kwok learned a lot about life awareness of life following this advice. She finally understood the concepts of cause and effect, karma, soul immortal, reincarnation, eternal bodies, multi-dimensional space, etc. These delicate concepts woke her one night and she began to understand that what she suffered from nowadays was caused in past life; she should not place blame on others, but only to change her future and destiny by her present actions. "The results of the past are occurring now, but what I begin to do, will result in the future." In a way, June Kwok accepted the master's guidance. Since then, has sharpened her Mind, Body, and Soul.
    June first adjusted her state of mind under the guidance of her master. She was determined to be an exceptional person, and she started with good deeds: she has learned to be more kind-hearted, tolerant, understanding, and help others. It was at this time that June Kwok started her Qigong training: she trained her sense of rectitude and recovered her Mind, Body, and Soul. After several years of training, she finally got out of the shadows and lives a comfortable, fun life again.

Once June was her old self again, she decided to use her heart to give back to society. She helped people in need using what she had learned. At this time, she felt great dignity and confidence. She continues to affect people around her every day with a kind heart and she has decided to dedicate the rest of her life to this way of living.
    As of today, June has established five conditioning clinics in different communities. She is very hands-on in the management of two of them and her trainees manage the other three. Over the past seven years, June Kwok had healed patients who were sleepless, shaky, with high blood pressure, impotence and infertility, all in her own way. June Kwok has said with a smile,
I have enough experience to heal patients. I can understand a patient general situation though a handshake and by his speech. Then I can begin to solve the problem right away.
    Heading advice people by Qigong (Chi)
    June continues to inform about
Mind, Body, and Soulis combination therapy; people can heal their physical ailments by adjusting their mind, body, and soul. The main practice to follow is QiGong (Chi). In ancient times, it was referred to as expiration and inspiration "Qi (Chi)" -promoting, sitting still, religious meditations, internal work, etc. It is a treasure of our culture. It has a wide range of content that transfers to the main body by aligning, self-massage, and other physical activities.
    June believes that ailing parts of the body and maintenance of life all depend on a sense of rectitude. The practice works on abdominal organs, makes patients feel good at heart and this, in turn, can heal disease and lengthen lives.
In summary, June believes that the majority of diseases are caused by the heart. She emphasizes that people should correct their state of mind before their bodies can be healed. She makes friends with her patients before treating them. Then, she teaches them to practice Qigong (Chi) and breathe correctly. June explains that many of her patients used to sigh instead of breathe. She changed their diet to rid toxins from the body. If exercise can also be added, the effects will even be greater.
    "Compare people to a computer. The human body is the hardware, thoughts and soul are the software
the computer will only work after suitable software is installed," June adds.
    There was once a seventy-year-old man, who had Pollakisurie disease and he had difficulty sleeping at night. He came to visit June for treatment. She adjusted his sense of rectitude, taught him to practice Qigong (Chi), and advised him to give up the habit of drinking freezing beer. Two years later, after following her instructions, the old man finally recovered. There was also an infertile couple that came to June for advice and guidance. June found that their sex life had no restraint. She advised them to reduce the frequency of their sex life in order to maintain their physique and so they could pay more attention to their diets Qigong (Chi). The woman got pregnant six months later and gave birth to a lovely baby full of energy. 
    QiGong (Chi) touch also has an effect on impotence. In order to heal a disease, one needs to find the source of the disease first. In some cases, impotence was caused by pressure at work and their environment, lack of romantic feelings toward spouses, high blood pressure, diabetes, and long-term drug use with components that suppress sexual desire. June said that in NO.80 of the cases, the impotence was caused by their Qi (Chi), state of health, thoughts or characteristics. For example, some sentimental men have overtime lost their self-respect in this regard. This will lead to losing control of their thoughts beyond the control of their bodies.
    In such a situation, June will first guide the
thoughts, encouraged------to communicate with themselves, guide them to love their wives and treasure those around them. She practices Qigong (Chi) with massage at the same time, so that change occurs both physically and mentally. Her western childhood education gave June an honest and straightforward personality. But Chinese people have always been ashamed of talking about sex, as is family. They do not understand way of life. Even so, she is still in her own convictions. In recent years, she helped a large number of men to re-establish their confidence, all as a result of her various services and qigong touch skills.

    Facing certain biases, June has suffered from the bottom of her heart. She always questions herself and her life even though she has helped lots of families deal with their problems. At this time, her master guided her again
all because of karma, he explained, continue to go your own way. She knows she is helping others. She still remembers the words of her master, "the more the virtues, and the more the merits." She believes that her work will have a positive effect on all she helps.
    Well-known Reputation
    June says with a smile,
Since becoming a Qigong (Chi) touch conditioning doctor, I have met and taught countless patients. I was accustomed to certain common ailments pertaining to personality and destiny all from body odor, shaking hands, etc. Currently, she is a designated special (Chi) touch conditioning teacher for Indian Punjab Deputy Prime Minister, Mrs. Bhattah health consultant for Mr. C. Gill, the president of PCI (India Union nationals) she has helped many the world's Rotary CLUB members all by Mr. Kal Rangi, Jay Minhas. In addition, she was invited by Jay Leno, a famous TV host of America in Feb, 2002, to be a guest on his show.She accepted CFUN radio twice for her conditioning. Even the Mayor of Richmond also recognized the Chinese woman.
    June Kwok will continue to contribute her practices to society with hope of helping many more people. She hopes to teach more students and carry forward conditioning as well as open up more clinics. She has written books, and made a DVD
that will release Be by the end of this year that introduces her interests and treatments. She hopes to expand further than Canada and bring her love and skills to people all over the world. She also hopes to find someone who is willing to be a conditioning doctor, and work together with her to help more people.